Ivelin Pavlov

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In this site you can find information for me- Ivelin Pavlov . From hobbies to work related issues. It is all about showing my skills to the world and present my simple answer for everything: Yes,I Can .


Here I will post some of my latest work: sites, programs, iPhone aplications and projects that I have taken part. My last project (before this site) was about Tic-Tac-Toe on C++. I have just wanted to know how long will take me to do that. It wasn't five minutes as I expected but you can find out all about it in Projects section.


Like every person I try to relax somehow and one of the ways to do that at home is by playing computer games. Sometimes I like to play Half Life for the crowded maps filled with raged people shooting all over the place. They just can’t stop dying when they face me. If you want to try me you can find where I play on Games page.


On my Profile you can see all about my personal life that can be told on internet. I like movies, sports, house parties and so on.


I want my job to be perfect, like a dream job about programming apilcations witch means staying all day on a comfortable chair on your own desk drinking juices. I know that I've got the qualities to be great and if you think that you are good for me you can take a look at my CV and contact me.